Who We Are

The 574 Theatre Company resides in Mishawaka, IN as a regional theatre company. Producing four shows in the summer, 574 Theatre employs over 100 artists each summer to bring high-quality theatre to the Michiana area. Under the leadership of Executive Director, Joshua Maurer, 574 Theatre has been able to grow into one of the areas premier theatre companies in under two years. 574 Theatre seeks to provide high-quality theatre programming for the Michiana area and serves our calling, colleagues, company, and community. 

Our History

In the winter of 2017, founders Alex Price and Joshua Maurer decided to make their dream come true. Their dream would become to be The 574 Theatre Company. Alex and Josh dreamt of a professional theatre company in the heart of Mishawaka where theatre artists could not only be compensated for their work but where they could work in a professional setting. In January of 2018, 574 Theatre brought a board of directors to the organization and obtained 501(c)(3) non-profit status. Since then, 574 Theatre produced 10 full productions and hired and compensated over 200 artists.

A Safe Workplace

The 574 Theatre Company strives for a workplace environment that fosters mutual trust and is free of intimidation, oppression, and abuse. Our mission is fulfilled by nurturing an atmosphere that inspires creativity and collaboration, promotes empathy, and celebrates the human spirit. Therefore, it is our top priority to establish and maintain work conditions in which all people are treated with dignity, decency, and respect.

No woman, man, transgender, bigender, agender, genderless, pangender, or other such identities will be abused, victimized or marginalized at 574 Theatre. No one should be forced to choose between her/his/their personal safety and dignity, and her/his/their job. Sexual discrimination and harassment and gender-based violence all too often occur in the intimate and physical context of a theater production or theater environment. At 574 Theatre, we will not tolerate such behavior.

The 574 Theatre Company has adopted the Chicago Theatre Standards to guide us towards reaching our mission of creating a safe workplace. To read these standards, visit